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Commercial Grade Bird Netting for Building Owners 3809

Commercial Grade Bird Netting for Building Owners If you own or operate a commercial business, pest birds can become quite a costly nuisance. Building owners across the country face a daily and daunting dilemma: how to get rid of birds on their property. Their nests and droppings can interfere with your operations, costing you wasted manpower and interrupt your schedules. For example, if you run a warehouse operation, birds can enter through your wide-open bay doors and nest in lofty areas of your warehouse. In this situation, they can distract forklift operators, causing delays and even mishaps. Birds can also interfere with electrical equipment and ducting. On the outside of your warehouse, birds can damage your lighting systems, security cameras, skylights, HVAC units, rain gutters and spouts, ventilators and other systems. Once they decide to flock to your building, they can create all sorts of costly headaches. bird deterrent products - Insist on High Quality Commercial Grade Bird Netting One solution recommended by bird control experts is Commercial Grade Bird Netting. This heavy-duty netting comes in 1-1/8- to 2-inch mesh for sealing out gulls, crows and pigeons; and 3/4-inch mesh for blocking out smaller birds like sparrows. You'll want to choose high quality netting because if you're going to install it you might as well make sure it will stay up and in shape for many years. The best heavy-duty netting is made of high-strength polyethylene. It meets ISO 1806 protocols, is UV stabilized, flame resistant and rot- and water-proof. So you can use it inside and out. Insist on Properly Installed Netting Poorly installed bird netting can create all sorts of problems. For one, it can sag, droop and leave gaps for birds to sneak through or around. This makes the netting essentially useless, as they will quickly figure out how to bypass this deterrent. Another problem with poorly installed netting is that birds can get entangled and trapped in the netting. This can lead to work stoppages as workers spend time trying to remove the trapped birds, lest they die and rot. These two reasons alone underscore the importance of utilizing the services of a professional bird netting installer. If you have a large area to cover, indoors or out, such netting installations should be done by Authorized Bird Control Installers. Preventing Trapped Birds-with Bird-Scape One bird control company has developed a product called Bird-Scape, which prevents birds from becoming permanently trapped behind netting. It's basically a netting accessory--installed directly into netting with hog rings--that allows trapped birds to fly out of a funnel.
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