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Roses and Chocolates 4330

Roses and Chocolates This is a great time to relax. Live in the moment, be present and enjoy your life. Be thankful for the food you eat, your health, enjoy and try to reconnect with your friends and family. We have always been so busy in the past that have been disconnected with people. Even though you may be socially distancing with technology we can connect with all kinds of people and talk to them directly. Reconnect with family and friends. Just because we have to be isolated physically but we don’t have to distance ourselves, get out of your head. World War 2 movie - This is a great time to search your imagination and imagine what you can create. You can start something brand new that you can make a living out of. Invent away! This is the best time to be kids again! Don’t stalk in the state of fear because it lowers your vibration. Focus on positivity. This is the best time to just relax, be grateful. You got the chance to stay at home and not feeling guilty about not having work or being too stressed out and busy! The whole world is in pause right now for a reason. You should change your perspectives, awaken beings, strengthen resolve and turn from fear.
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